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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Apr 4, 2020

Where Wildlife art & conservation meet can be a powerful tool, but also a place that requires a serious balancing act.  Sofiya is an equally passionate conservationist and wildlife artist, and is carving out a unique lifestyle.

I talk to Sofiya about how many different aspects of life, art and conservationist she is learning to balance.

Sofiya tackles many conservation issues that are lesser known, and is out there on the front line directly working with organisations and groups.

A large part of what she does is taking messages and concepts and translating them into a sensitive, yet powerful visual form. Not easy!! 

As well as this Sofiya is trying to carve out a path as a selling artist, looking to reach new audiences with her impactive art, but also her strong messages!!

You can find Sofiya and her work at the links below:


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YouTube - TomShepherd Art