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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

Please note:

Sadly Amanda's September Exhibition has been postponed. Details of other exhibitions can be found on Amanda's site, details below.

July Exhibition runs July 6th - 10th

I am very excited to share with you yet another fascinating chat with a wonderful artist, Amanda Beck.

Amanda's story is one of a true love of painting and sketching from life, with a commitment to capturing the essence and the energy of her subject.

Amanda's journey and career with art is very inspiring, as is her attitude to making her own opportunities and really going for the things she sets her sights on.

We also talk plenty about the art of visual story telling, as well as both the joys and frustrations of working form life.

A very different angle on creating income as an artist, whilst developing your own practice, we talk about Amanda's recently successful Arts Council Grant to do exactly this. We discuss what was involved in every stage, plenty of great tips, plus how this grant has allowed Amanda time to explore a very new medium in the form of the iPad...and a medium that you will soon hear, Amanda is clearly loving!

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