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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

In this episode I speak with writer and artist Scott Burdick about a wide range of topics; some that you wouldn’t expect to hear in an art podcast! But as the podcast goes on it becomes clear that these are the topics that Scott addresses heavily throughout his work, both written and painted.

We begin with a little insight into Scott’s history, how he became an artist, and the importance of painting your passion. Before we delve into the realms of politics, life experiences, philosophy and how these create the stories we manifest into art.

Scott and I then move on to discuss social media’s role in the art world, and its effects on confirmation bias and false facts, before finally tackling the themes of fragility and fear.

TRIGGER WARNING: Whilst all discussions have taken place with sensitivity and respect, there are a few topics mentioned within this podcast that some may find uncomfortable/upsetting.


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