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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Feb 18, 2020

I interview painter, Peter Keegan, who's passion for painting, art and community are totally infectious and up lifting.  Peter is not only a fantastic painter, but also runs (with wife Kim) the Courtyard Art Studio in Bucks.

We talk about Peter's road to where he is now. How he has carved out his path as an artist, from a youngster who clearly had a little something extra to internationally renowned tutor, sought after portrait artist and art school owner.

We cover a lot in this episode:

  • The passion for portraiture and painterly approach that is born out of the challenge
  • Building a thick skin as a working artist
  • Looking back at pivotal moments in his career and the little seeds that are slowly growing great oaks!
  • Creating opportunities and grabbing them fully
  • Working from life
  • How style develops
  • Turning comparison into a positive creative curiosity and how to bring this into your own work
  • Saying yes, working out how after
  • Encouraging, supporting and teaching others, why its so important
  • Oil painting materials and process
  • Running a creative business and the joy and freedom that can bring
  • Now dwelling on the past and learning to keep moving forward
  • The importance of art community and connecting with like minded people
  • Taking creative risks


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YouTube - TomShepherd Art