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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Jan 27, 2020

In this episode I talk about my own experiences & struggles with mental health, what my triggers are, how I deal with it and how my painting and my art has had a hugely positive impact on all these things!!

I also invite fellow artists, Alicia the DawgPainter & Martin Aveling, to write some words about their own experiences with mental health and the role art has played for them.

Both artists give very different, but equally insightful and thought provoking angle on this topic!  

My co-host Peter also gives wonderful insight into the topic, coming from a more scientific point of view but also as someone who has helped many people through his teachings of meditation and dealing with stress.

You can find Alicia at the links below:


DawgArt Website

You can find Martin here:


Aveling Artworks Website

Find Peter at:

Activated Chi Meditation

Welcombe Radio:

You can find Welcombe Radio at the link below. Please check it out and show some support on the Facebook Page. The Art Show is 11 - 12 every Saturday morning (UK time)

Welcombe Radio Website - listen here


Find me at:

YouTube - TomShepherd Art