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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Jan 10, 2020

Great to get a very different perspective on the current art market from successful Gallery Owner, Mark Hatwood

Mark owns a booming Art Business down in Cornwall, UK, in the form of the Harbour Gallery. As well as other businesses British Contemporary.Art and

This interview if full of fantastic advice for any artist looking to sell work, especially online and through galleries.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Mark's journey to gallery owner and approaches to success
  • Social Media, website and selling online
  • State & direction of growth of the current Art Market
  • The importance of good working relationships & partnerships
  • Why go with a gallery?
  • What to expect from a good gallery
  • As the artist, you're the one who gets to choose how you are treated
  • Percentages - what & why?
  • How to think about pricing
  • Simple approaches of trust and respect, in all aspects of art business and partnerships

Mark has a wonderful book out called "The Artist's Handbook" Guide to Galleries and Digital Promotion, available on Amazon at the link below.

Find Mark here:

The Harbour Gallery


Find me at:

YouTube - TomShepherd Art