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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Jun 1, 2021

A real pleasure to chat to Liron in this episode. A passionate and articulate artist, Liron is able to verbalise so many different aspects of being an artist, creativity and in particular watercolour.

We kick off with Liron's personal journey with art and his transition to making it his profession, followed by a very free flwoing and organic chat where we talk about all the ups and downs of being an artist, watercolour and the creative process; the joys, the struggles, the triumphs and so, so much more!

This episode is jam packed with inspiration and information for any artist, whatever your medium...all though we do go deep into watercolour, of course.

Liron as a wonderful online presence and I highly recommend checking out all the links below:


Find me at:


YouTube - TomShepherd Art