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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Nov 8, 2020

The role of creativity and art is a fascinating and important topic, now more than ever! In this episode I chat with artist and recently qualified Art Therapist, Kat Williamson.  


We touch on Art as Therapy but we go much deeper into the psychology and science of why Art can be so powerful when used as therapy. It’s ability to break down our barriers, bypass our blockages, and connect us more deeply to our feelings, memories, and ultimately ourselves, becomes clearly apparent in this interview.


Kat is wonderfully open about her own experiences going through Art Therapy and we then dive a little deeper in the processes, mechanisms and power of creativity when used in this way. 


This leads us into the interconnectedness of all aspects of not only ourselves, but of everything beyond this; eventually wrapping up with Kat’s very exciting plans on where to take her own Art Therapy practices.


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