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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Nov 15, 2020

In this Episode I run through some of my key methods for using Instagram productively. 

I delve a little into some of the pitfalls of Instagram; including the numbers trap and the importance of depth over breadth when looking at follower numbers.

Following this, I talk about how to use Instagram effectively; addressing questions such as 'Which numbers should I pay attention to?', 'What about the Algorithms?!' and 'What are my intentions for using Instagram?'. 

I then take a look at the actionable tasks that we can do to enhance our 'Insta-experience'. For example; best practise, quality vs. quantity of posts and when to post. 

Finally, I approach the topic of networking and community in the Instagram world, along with the importance of creating a fun and sustainable Instagram practise that suits you. 

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Music at the end of the Podcast is by Abbie Jebbers

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