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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Jan 31, 2020

Another super inspiring and very interesting guest. Helen's story is one of commitment, persistence, overcoming adversity and turning a very negative experience into a hugely positive one.

Helen has a wonderful attitude of exploration, creativity and remaining open to life's opportunities. For me this has a allowed her to carve out a unique path, that has now lead to Living Liberte.  Born out of a previous abusive relationships, Living Liberte is a Social Enterprise that is educating young people on how to create healthy and happy relationships, of any sort.  

Amongst many topics we discuss:

  • Making a big life shift, letting go to move forward
  • Finding a new purpose
  • Persistence and commitment whilst allowing freedom to explore your passions and see where they lead
  • Creating space emotionally and mentally and what can happen when you do
  • Being open
  • Creative exploration and learning, and how this can affect your life
  • The nature of abusive relationships
  • How they can affect you, how to find your way through them
  • Helen's own journey through this and how Living Liberte was born!

A wonderful episode that I know will uplift and inspire!

You can find Helen and Living Liberte at the links below:





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