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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Mar 16, 2020

Part 1 of my interview with renowned painter Hash Akib.  Widely known for his bold brushstrokes, striking compositions and wonderful use of colour and light, it was a real pleasure to sit down and talk all things art.

Don't be fooled by Hash's down to earth and softly spoken demeanour, he is full of passion for art, creativity and painting. He has carved out a unique path driven by his love of art, as well as at many points going with the path less travelled (hence "the quiet rebel")

We get stuck into a wide range of topics, and Hash's approach and perspective is enlightening and fascinating. Amongst many things we discuss

  • Hash's story and path to professional painter
  • How he started painting with his immediate and fast approach
  • Bold brushstrokes, strong colour
  • His current business model and how it's evolved
  • Finding confidence and a voice as an artist, and leaving other peoples opinions at the studio door
  • The role of social media vs real world
  • Developing a style the joys and pitfalls.
  • Staying engaged with your work and inspired to keep painting. Staying passionate
  • Influence versus derivative
  • Process of painting and creativity. Finding a clear message and editing out the excess noise 


You can find Hash at all the links below:

Painting Portraits in Acrylics Book


Find me at:

YouTube - TomShepherd Art