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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Aug 29, 2019

Do it for the Love!

Hone your Craft.

The money will come.

A short episode packed full of inspiration.

A great episode for any artist, professional or otherwise. We're all doing this for the same reasons (on the whole)...that reason being a love of creating and a passion for what we do!

For those looking to create a career or life around a creative pursuit, I talk about how a love for what you do has to be at the core of it! It's this love that keeps you consistent, inspired and pushing forward, even during the times when you don't feel like!

I talk about how this love for what you do gives you the energy to keep going with your chosen medium and as a result, hone your craft. Whatever you do with it!

I also briefly touch on not being afraid to make necessary changes to your life, or making a decision to pursue a new hobby or direction to create a more soul fulfilling life. 


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