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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

In this episode I explore questions around niches – what are they? How do you find one? Are they important?

With the help of some challenging questions that I pose at the start, you may find it easier to investigate your motives for choosing a niche.

Alongside some gentle introspection, I discuss how marketing can...

Mar 17, 2021

In this episode I speak with writer and artist Scott Burdick about a wide range of topics; some that you wouldn’t expect to hear in an art podcast! But as the podcast goes on it becomes clear that these are the topics that Scott addresses heavily throughout his work, both written and painted.

We begin with a little...

Mar 7, 2021

In this next instalment of the Moaner Lisa, Martin and I continue to discuss social media.

We highlight the importance for encouragement and kindness, then go on to decipher the difference between critiquing and criticism. Following on from this, we tackle one of the questions we were asked surrounding social media...