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Creative Perspectives Podcast

May 5, 2020

A fascinating episode where I chat to UK Artist, Violet Astor. 

Fresh off the back of a wonderful year I talk to violet about taking hold of ideas and making them happen, her career as an artist so far and her business approaches, through to the love of her main medium, charcoal.

Two other largely covered topics are Violet's experience with the relatively unknown, and on the whole misunderstood, Lyme disease. The affect on her life but also how it led her to art. This not only gave her focus but ultimately became a huge part of her healing, most mentally and physically. The power of art and creativity is not to be under estimated!

As with most wildlife artists we cover the role of art with conservation. So many angles and variations on this but I love Violet's approach of harnessing, celebrating and fostering pride and passion in the environment and it's wildlife.

You can find Violet and her work at the links below:


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YouTube - TomShepherd Art