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Creative Perspectives Podcast

Feb 24, 2021

In this episode I cover a few of the different methods I use as income streams, whilst highlighting the importance of being flexible to suit your needs, as the artist.

I begin by talking through the various ways of selling artwork, both through online avenues, as well as in person. Touching on a couple of alternative options out there, such as Wix ecommerce and social media Support Pledges. I briefly move on to mention the benefits of print selling and licensing out artwork.

Following this, I dive into the topic of teaching and the various paths available; be it workshops, holidays, guest spots or demonstrations – I discuss the majority of methods that I have found useful throughout my career!

I finish off the podcast by revisiting the importance of flexibility and mindset when planning out your income streams.

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Music at the end of the Podcast is by Abbie Jebbers

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